Wildfires in Northern California Forces 20,000 Residents to Evacuate

What’s New on the News Today – Wildfires in Northern California Forces 20,000 Residents to Evacuate

What’s new on the news today? Wildfires come again in California. The latest disaster is considered to be the worst and has forced almost 20,000 in the region to evacuate. The hurricane-force winds with gust topping up to 100 mph have burnt forests and houses in the region.

Leads a Statewide Emergency

The wildfires that spread across Northern California occurred on Sunday. Being turbocharged by winds that make them almost reach hurricane force, the wildfires drive nearly 200,000 Californian people to leave their house. The fires also burn thousands of acres and spread thick smokey haze across the region. 

With the sustained winds above 70 mph – the speed is as fast as hurricane 1st level category – the fire nearly doubled in size just within hours. The local government states that the heavy winds will continue into Monday morning before they finally subsiding. However, the residents are suggested to be careful since the heavy winds are predicted to return on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. From Sunday afternoon to Sunday evening, the fires have reached a large area of more than 54,000 acres. It is also reported that the containment conducted has fallen up to 5% so that the statewide emergency is declared to evacuate people in Northern California. The Governor of California, Gavin Newsome, said in his statement that the local government has deployed every resource available to avoid the wildfires spread into larger areas. The statewide emergency is also announced since the disaster does not only occur in Northern California but also in Los Angeles County. The state has taken prevented action to avoid the fallen of more victims. 

Three Firefighters Injured and 2.5 People Live without Electricity

Fire Department stated that there are three firefighters injured on their attempts to extinguish the flames. They have been taken to the nearest hospital to get medical treatment. It is also reported that the injuries experienced by the three firefighters are not the heavy ones. Meanwhile, nearly 2.5 people in Northern California should live without electricity. This is because the fires have caused the power to shut down. There are about 940,000 homes and businesses across Northern California are affected by electricity shut down on Sunday. The blackout is also predicted to will continue until a few days to come. The country fire department states that there are 22 important structures in California destroyed while the other 27 are damaged. Among the important structures damaged is The Soda Rock Winery in Healdsburg, Sonoma City, that has been established since 1880.