What to Do in Dublin in A day

Dublin is a city that is famous for its history and fun nights. When you come to Ireland it is a must to visit this city. Many people say that you have never been to Ireland if you haven’t felt the air of Dublin. However, sometimes Dublin is not the main destination for people. Therefore, usually, they have a very short time in visiting this city. For those who are facing this, don’t worry. You might be asking what to do in Dublin in only a day. The answer is many things and many places.

Even though you have limited time, you can still do many things in this city. Dublin is quite small, but it has many places to explore. Therefore, try to do some of these activities first. After finishing, you will want more and make sure you come back.

1. Go Shopping at Grafton Street

Calling to all women who love shopping to come up to this street. This main shopping street in Dublin has many famous and branded department store. The pedestrian also has many entertainments for people, that are quite unique. So, even if you don’t buy anything you can watch the show.

 2. Walk Around St. Stephen’s Green

After being in a crowd, take yourself into a calmer place like St. Stephen Green. This is a park or an urban oasis in the middle of the city. Overall the place is like New York’s Central Park, with many flowers and plants. Stroll around the park to get some fresh air from Dublin’s air, just enjoy the scene. The best part of this part is it is free.

 3. Visiting Museum

So, what to do in Dublin next after walking around? Well, near the Park, there is a small museum that you can visit. The Little Museum of Dublin is a small museum that will tell stories about the city. Despite the size, the content of the museum is very useful and attracting to tourists. As for U2 fans, you sure will love it inside this museum.

 4. Drink Around at Guinness Storehouse

Ireland including Dublin has always been famous for its beer. Near the area, there is a famous store named Guinness Storehouse. Here, people can drink tons of cup and still have fun. However, this place is not only for drinking but also for learning about beer. Some people say that they have some of the best beer in Ireland.

 5. Dinner at Temple Bar

After a tiring day, enjoy dinner at Temple Bar. Overall the design of the bar isn’t special and different. However, this is one of the highest concentrations in Dublin. Therefore, enjoy something to eat and a whiskey in the bar before you end the day. One of the attractions of this café is the Dublin atmosphere that isn’t available in other places.

After doing the activity in one day, it is sure that you will not be asking what to do in Dublin next. It is sure that you will want to come back for a longer and detail trip. The atmosphere in Dublin is just different from other places. Therefore, Dublin has become a favorite destination for tourists to have fun.