Smart Tricks for Professional Look with Casual Clothes to Go to the Office

Business attire is needed when you want a professional look. Indeed, this style makes you neat and official. But today, many companies don’t really concern about the outfit. They are more likely to find the employees done their job, instead of prioritizing the appearance. However, professional look is still necessary when you want to see the clients, having a presentation, or maybe meeting with the government. On the other hand, current employees love to wear casually. As for the solution, we here have tricks for professional look with casual clothes.

Actually, there is an advantage when you wear a casual outfit at the same time. Maybe you want to hang out after the meeting. Then you don’t have to get back to the apartment and change your clothes. All casual outfit is set as the basic. Thus, you just combine with other stuff to change the impression. Well, it is not hard to mix and match the casual outfit. If you are still confused, see our tricks for professional look with casual clothes below:

1. Cover with the Open-Button Sweater

This sweater is like a semi-formal blazer. When you combine it with the T-Shirt inside, it is able to cover the informal outfit. But, it would be more perfect if you choose the fine knit with a shawl coral. For women, you can finish it with a silk scarf on your neck. Today there is a “sweaters blazers”, a sweater that designed like a blazer. It is interesting because you can get two outfits just by wearing one outer.

2. Meet the Jeans with Heels

Most people will agree to relate the casual style with jeans. Yes, it been for years jeans represent casual look. It is okay to wear jeans to the office or attend a meeting. If you want a little professional touch, then use your high-heels. The flat shoe is also okay, but it will show more weekend style to go to the mall. For the men, please don’t use sneakers. It is strongly casual, just wear a proper shoes. Don’t be worry, jeans are flexible for mix-and-matching!

3. Fitted Clothes, No the Baggy One

We know that baggy clothes are very comfortable. It is breathable and lets you move freely. However, we don’t recommend you to wear this for a meeting. Pick the fitted clothes is the best option. It is okay if you want to combine with jeans and high heels. You will look easy-going but keep the professionality. Don’t forget to tuck in the cloth because it makes you neater.

4. Make Sure the Pants Too

Now move on to the bottom side. If you finish with the clothes, then it is time to see the pants. Avoid wearing a bunched up pants. Make sure that the pants are fit and fixed length. Talking about the color, just tailor it with your makeup and the upside.

5. Bring Your Handbags or Tote

Instead of you bring the glamorous bag, then just bring the handbags or the tote. Those types of bag will make you look simpler and a little chic. Thus, find the right elegant ones now.

Those are the tricks for professional look with casual clothes. However, your appearance cannot definitely define who you are. But when you are in a professional life, your outlook does matter.