Simple Ways on How to Pet Cat and Dog at the Same Time

Cats and dogs are known as two different pets with different personalities. When cats and dogs met, usually they do not get along with each other. Sometimes dogs chase cats, sometimes cats dislike dogs and keep on distance or hide. Fortunately, it is still possible to put them together. It depends on knowing the right way on how to pet cat and dog at the same time. 

Having cats and dogs at the same time could be possible even though they are known as two enemies. Before having a cat and dog at the same time, there are things that people need to know. Humans should have known how to handle and maintain both cats and dogs. Know when cat and dog behave uncomfortably. Know when they feel happy and angry. These basic things would help. To add some info, here are some simple ways how to pet cat and dog at the same time :

1.Meet them as Puppies and Kittens

Try to meet them once they are still young. It is recommended to start petting a cat and dog together since they are puppies and kittens. This is because they would still have less fighting moments, especially with each other. Like puppies and kittens, they are easier to adapt around.

 2. Large place

A large space to place the first meeting of cats and dogs. However, do not directly put cats and dogs nearly. The main on how to pet cat and dog at the same time is not bringing them together in a hurry. Let them be in the same room for several days. It would make them bond. Cats could start feeling the dog’s atmosphere and otherwise

3. Introducing with others each stuff

Letting them being in one same space, introduce them with each other stuff. Try to bring some of the cat’s stuff to the dog. In this phase, they would start to sniff the smell from their opposite. It would also let them get used to those different smells. 

4. Switch Places

Sniffing each other’s items, try on changing their places. For example, if the north room was placed by the cat, now place the dog there. Remember, it takes time on how to pet cat and dog at the same time. With this method, cat and dog could each sniff at each other without meeting yet. The smell scent is an important thing to introduce these two pet

 5. Time at a time 

This is when a cat actually meets a dog for the first time. You should need an assist/friend to help. Because both cat and dog need to be carried on their first meet up. Help them get acquainted by touching and licking on each other. Do not let them interact too long. The first meeting should be quick but fun and playful. 

Repeat the steps slowly every moment. Do not leave them together before they are surely well socialized. It is still necessary to give them their own spaces especially when the master is not there to take an eye. Hopefully this way on how to pet cat and dog at the same time can be a success.