Simple Steps of How to Train a Parrot to Talk

It is fun to have a pet, moreover, they can follow your instruction. No, we don’t talk about a dog or cat here. We want to tell you how to train a parrot to talk. Yes, it is a surprise knowing there is an animal that can speak just like we do. Even though their purpose in speaking not like a human, at least they understood several meanings from the word. Thus, it is very interesting to train them.

Actually, training a parrot is not really different in teaching dog or cat. But, for sure, you can’t just let the bird out of the cage. You can put them out once they are really well-trained. Some people still chain the bird, and the others just believe the birds won’t leave the owner. If you are curious about how to train a parrot, here are the easy steps you can follow:

1. Build a Relationship

You cannot start everything properly without a bonding inside. Thus, it is important to build a relationship with your bird. The easy way to let them know your presence is by talking as often as you can. Indeed, you will look silly at first. But just believe that this way realizes your parrot that you are there and want to make a relationship.

2. Make a Routine

When your parrot already knows your presence, it is time to introduce them a routine. Don’t make it serious because in this step you are still trying to create a strong relationship. You can make this step as creating a schedule to play and learn the words, also when to let them alone. Make sure when you are with the parrot, it gives full attention to you.

3. Start with Simple Word

Are you sure knowing your parrot well? Then, move on to the subject. Introduce them a very simple word, like “hello”, “thank you”, or “sorry”. It is okay to let them speak without knowing the context. At least they can follow your pronunciation. Speak it frequently with an expression. You can also introduce your name and its name (if only you make one).

4. Make It As Behaviour

If the bird is already good in following the word, then make it as their behaviour. As time goes by, they will understand when to use each word. For example, when you finish feed them, say “thank you” in front of them. Speak eye to eye with obvious mouth movement. Also, don’t forget your intonation to strengthen their understanding.

5. Make Fun with the Bird

Above all the process, don’t ever make the bird feel pressured. Once they get stress, you must repeat what you have done before. There are many things that you can do, for example, recording their activity and show them, ask your family or friends to talk too, giving sound to hear, and many more. Make the process like a fun game, so they don’t realize in the learning process.

Some parrots can speak properly in just one month. But some others need more time because they have different capability. It is okay and just be patient for all this. How to train a parrot is not about how fast they speak. It is how fun they become one of your family member.