Must-Know, How to Relieve Headache

Almost every people ever experience a headache. It is one of the world’s most common medical problems. People are often relieved headaches by taking medication, whereas there are other ways to cure headaches. Here is the list of the natural way on how to relieve headache:

1. Turn Off the Light and Take a Rest for a While

A dazzling light is often worsening the headache. It can be from the lamp, laptops, smartphones or even television. Taking rest in a quiet place with dim light can reduce headaches. Just close your eyes lie down with a comfortable pillow and relax. Voila! Your headache will be gone.

But, if your works require you to stay in front of the computer all day, you can use “anti-glare” to reduce the effects of the computer light. You can also use LED lamps for your room lighting.

2. Do Gentle Massage on the Neck and Temple

Another way on how to relieve a headache is to do massage on the neck and temple. Doing this massage would help to accelerate blood circulation and release tension. It is one of the most effective ways to relieve the headache.

Use your thumb or index finger to gently massage the aching part and then leave for a few seconds. Repeat this step several times until the headache was gone. You can also ask other people to massage it for you. Remember to do it gently!

3. Compress the Aching’s Head

Compressing your head can make your headache away. This method is often used by parents for years. But, different types of headaches require different methods of compressing.

If it is because of tension, compress the neck and skull-base using warm water and compress to the aching part if the headache comes from the sine. Meanwhile, use the cold water to compress the forehead for migraines.

Taking showers can help to reduce the headache. Use warm water for reducing the headache that comes from tensions and sine. While taking a shower with cold water can help reduce migraines.

4. Avoid Stress

Stress can be a trigger for headaches. It is not good for mental and physical wellbeing. Try to avoid things that can create stress such as noisy places or stressful work environments. Take time off, travel with your family, and forget your stress for a while. This will keep you from headache.

Moreover, meditation can help in relaxing the minds and avoiding stress. You can do simple meditation at home to hinder from stress. Avoiding stress is one of the best ways on how to relieve headaches.

5. Drink Ginger Water

Ginger can be another option to relieve headaches. Many people recommend ginger because it has vitamins and nutrition suitable for relieving headaches. Not only that, but the aroma from ginger is also can lessen the pain from headaches by accelerating blood circulations and reduce tenses.

You can mix ginger water with other natural ingredients such as lemon and honey. Drink it while it is still warm. There are other benefits of ginger water besides curing headaches. It also can cure colds and sore throats.

Many people who experienced headaches did not know that there other ways on how to relieve headaches aside from taking medication. Hopefully, the list above can help to find the best alternatives for you!