Dress Code for Attending A Seminar

Coming to a seminar can be interesting to many people, especially they can learn something new. Joining a seminar enable people to meet new people and discuss new topics. This kind of event is usually held a couple of days or sometimes even just one day. So, make sure to wear the right dress code for attending a seminar to look good. 

To make sure you look good, find out the theme of the seminar first. Whether it is formal, business casual or casual. Because these themes will determine what you will have to wear in the seminar. Don’t forget to also check the venue for the seminar. Because this will also affect the dress code you will be wearing. These are some dress code for attending a seminar that you must know.

1. Tops

Most seminars are usually semi-formal to formal, therefore find clothing is appropriate. For women, choose formal tops that aren’t tight or to open. Short sleeve top is also ok to wear if the place inside or a hot place. It is also best to wear plain color tops with some accessories on it. However, if the event is semi-formal you can wear a pattern shirt top. As for men, you can wear formal shirts for both semi-formal or formal event. All you need is to tuck in the shirt inside the pants. For a more formal look, add a tie or a suit with it. However, wearing a suit can be hot. 

 2. Skirts-Pants

For the bottom part, people can wear both skirts or pants to a seminar. The most appropriate pant for the seminar is plain fabric pants or skirts. For women, don’t wear skirts that are too short or long because it will uncomfortable. The length should be around the knee or a bit lower. As for pants, long pants are the most used dress code by people to a seminar. Usually, it is not recommended to wear jeans for a seminar. However, if the event is casual, you can wear jeans, adjusting the top to look more formal. 

 3. Dress

Dress are also an appropriate dress code for attending a seminar. Combine the dress and a blazer to make the look formal. If you are in a hot place, then wear a dress with short sleeves or no sleeves. Add a necklace and some simple accessories to make the look more feminism.

 4. Shoes

For the shoes, women can wear both high heels and flat shoes to the seminar. It all depends on the comfort of each person. However, make sure to wear dark color shoes to fit the look. As for man, try not to wear white or blue sneakers with the suit. Wearing skin-material shoes is the best choice for men in their suits. 

 5. Neat & Tidy

The next important dress code for attending a seminar is being tidy and neat. After wearing formal clothes, adjust the hair and look. Wear simple makeup and accessories to look more pretty. For the hair, you can hold the hair up or add some hairpin look tidier.

So, these dress code for attending a seminar are simple and easy to apply. Usually, the dress code for a seminar is the same as you wear to work. Don’t wear too much makeup or accessories, because it doesn’t suit the occasion. Most importantly, adjust your clothing with the theme of the seminar. 

Simple Steps of How to Train a Parrot to Talk

It is fun to have a pet, moreover, they can follow your instruction. No, we don’t talk about a dog or cat here. We want to tell you how to train a parrot to talk. Yes, it is a surprise knowing there is an animal that can speak just like we do. Even though their purpose in speaking not like a human, at least they understood several meanings from the word. Thus, it is very interesting to train them.

Actually, training a parrot is not really different in teaching dog or cat. But, for sure, you can’t just let the bird out of the cage. You can put them out once they are really well-trained. Some people still chain the bird, and the others just believe the birds won’t leave the owner. If you are curious about how to train a parrot, here are the easy steps you can follow:

1. Build a Relationship

You cannot start everything properly without a bonding inside. Thus, it is important to build a relationship with your bird. The easy way to let them know your presence is by talking as often as you can. Indeed, you will look silly at first. But just believe that this way realizes your parrot that you are there and want to make a relationship.

2. Make a Routine

When your parrot already knows your presence, it is time to introduce them a routine. Don’t make it serious because in this step you are still trying to create a strong relationship. You can make this step as creating a schedule to play and learn the words, also when to let them alone. Make sure when you are with the parrot, it gives full attention to you.

3. Start with Simple Word

Are you sure knowing your parrot well? Then, move on to the subject. Introduce them a very simple word, like “hello”, “thank you”, or “sorry”. It is okay to let them speak without knowing the context. At least they can follow your pronunciation. Speak it frequently with an expression. You can also introduce your name and its name (if only you make one).

4. Make It As Behaviour

If the bird is already good in following the word, then make it as their behaviour. As time goes by, they will understand when to use each word. For example, when you finish feed them, say “thank you” in front of them. Speak eye to eye with obvious mouth movement. Also, don’t forget your intonation to strengthen their understanding.

5. Make Fun with the Bird

Above all the process, don’t ever make the bird feel pressured. Once they get stress, you must repeat what you have done before. There are many things that you can do, for example, recording their activity and show them, ask your family or friends to talk too, giving sound to hear, and many more. Make the process like a fun game, so they don’t realize in the learning process.

Some parrots can speak properly in just one month. But some others need more time because they have different capability. It is okay and just be patient for all this. How to train a parrot is not about how fast they speak. It is how fun they become one of your family member.

Must-Know, How to Relieve Headache

Almost every people ever experience a headache. It is one of the world’s most common medical problems. People are often relieved headaches by taking medication, whereas there are other ways to cure headaches. Here is the list of the natural way on how to relieve headache:

1. Turn Off the Light and Take a Rest for a While

A dazzling light is often worsening the headache. It can be from the lamp, laptops, smartphones or even television. Taking rest in a quiet place with dim light can reduce headaches. Just close your eyes lie down with a comfortable pillow and relax. Voila! Your headache will be gone.

But, if your works require you to stay in front of the computer all day, you can use “anti-glare” to reduce the effects of the computer light. You can also use LED lamps for your room lighting.

2. Do Gentle Massage on the Neck and Temple

Another way on how to relieve a headache is to do massage on the neck and temple. Doing this massage would help to accelerate blood circulation and release tension. It is one of the most effective ways to relieve the headache.

Use your thumb or index finger to gently massage the aching part and then leave for a few seconds. Repeat this step several times until the headache was gone. You can also ask other people to massage it for you. Remember to do it gently!

3. Compress the Aching’s Head

Compressing your head can make your headache away. This method is often used by parents for years. But, different types of headaches require different methods of compressing.

If it is because of tension, compress the neck and skull-base using warm water and compress to the aching part if the headache comes from the sine. Meanwhile, use the cold water to compress the forehead for migraines.

Taking showers can help to reduce the headache. Use warm water for reducing the headache that comes from tensions and sine. While taking a shower with cold water can help reduce migraines.

4. Avoid Stress

Stress can be a trigger for headaches. It is not good for mental and physical wellbeing. Try to avoid things that can create stress such as noisy places or stressful work environments. Take time off, travel with your family, and forget your stress for a while. This will keep you from headache.

Moreover, meditation can help in relaxing the minds and avoiding stress. You can do simple meditation at home to hinder from stress. Avoiding stress is one of the best ways on how to relieve headaches.

5. Drink Ginger Water

Ginger can be another option to relieve headaches. Many people recommend ginger because it has vitamins and nutrition suitable for relieving headaches. Not only that, but the aroma from ginger is also can lessen the pain from headaches by accelerating blood circulations and reduce tenses.

You can mix ginger water with other natural ingredients such as lemon and honey. Drink it while it is still warm. There are other benefits of ginger water besides curing headaches. It also can cure colds and sore throats.

Many people who experienced headaches did not know that there other ways on how to relieve headaches aside from taking medication. Hopefully, the list above can help to find the best alternatives for you!

Smart Tricks for Professional Look with Casual Clothes to Go to the Office

Business attire is needed when you want a professional look. Indeed, this style makes you neat and official. But today, many companies don’t really concern about the outfit. They are more likely to find the employees done their job, instead of prioritizing the appearance. However, professional look is still necessary when you want to see the clients, having a presentation, or maybe meeting with the government. On the other hand, current employees love to wear casually. As for the solution, we here have tricks for professional look with casual clothes.

Actually, there is an advantage when you wear a casual outfit at the same time. Maybe you want to hang out after the meeting. Then you don’t have to get back to the apartment and change your clothes. All casual outfit is set as the basic. Thus, you just combine with other stuff to change the impression. Well, it is not hard to mix and match the casual outfit. If you are still confused, see our tricks for professional look with casual clothes below:

1. Cover with the Open-Button Sweater

This sweater is like a semi-formal blazer. When you combine it with the T-Shirt inside, it is able to cover the informal outfit. But, it would be more perfect if you choose the fine knit with a shawl coral. For women, you can finish it with a silk scarf on your neck. Today there is a “sweaters blazers”, a sweater that designed like a blazer. It is interesting because you can get two outfits just by wearing one outer.

2. Meet the Jeans with Heels

Most people will agree to relate the casual style with jeans. Yes, it been for years jeans represent casual look. It is okay to wear jeans to the office or attend a meeting. If you want a little professional touch, then use your high-heels. The flat shoe is also okay, but it will show more weekend style to go to the mall. For the men, please don’t use sneakers. It is strongly casual, just wear a proper shoes. Don’t be worry, jeans are flexible for mix-and-matching!

3. Fitted Clothes, No the Baggy One

We know that baggy clothes are very comfortable. It is breathable and lets you move freely. However, we don’t recommend you to wear this for a meeting. Pick the fitted clothes is the best option. It is okay if you want to combine with jeans and high heels. You will look easy-going but keep the professionality. Don’t forget to tuck in the cloth because it makes you neater.

4. Make Sure the Pants Too

Now move on to the bottom side. If you finish with the clothes, then it is time to see the pants. Avoid wearing a bunched up pants. Make sure that the pants are fit and fixed length. Talking about the color, just tailor it with your makeup and the upside.

5. Bring Your Handbags or Tote

Instead of you bring the glamorous bag, then just bring the handbags or the tote. Those types of bag will make you look simpler and a little chic. Thus, find the right elegant ones now.

Those are the tricks for professional look with casual clothes. However, your appearance cannot definitely define who you are. But when you are in a professional life, your outlook does matter.

What to Do in Dublin in A day

Dublin is a city that is famous for its history and fun nights. When you come to Ireland it is a must to visit this city. Many people say that you have never been to Ireland if you haven’t felt the air of Dublin. However, sometimes Dublin is not the main destination for people. Therefore, usually, they have a very short time in visiting this city. For those who are facing this, don’t worry. You might be asking what to do in Dublin in only a day. The answer is many things and many places.

Even though you have limited time, you can still do many things in this city. Dublin is quite small, but it has many places to explore. Therefore, try to do some of these activities first. After finishing, you will want more and make sure you come back.

1. Go Shopping at Grafton Street

Calling to all women who love shopping to come up to this street. This main shopping street in Dublin has many famous and branded department store. The pedestrian also has many entertainments for people, that are quite unique. So, even if you don’t buy anything you can watch the show.

 2. Walk Around St. Stephen’s Green

After being in a crowd, take yourself into a calmer place like St. Stephen Green. This is a park or an urban oasis in the middle of the city. Overall the place is like New York’s Central Park, with many flowers and plants. Stroll around the park to get some fresh air from Dublin’s air, just enjoy the scene. The best part of this part is it is free.

 3. Visiting Museum

So, what to do in Dublin next after walking around? Well, near the Park, there is a small museum that you can visit. The Little Museum of Dublin is a small museum that will tell stories about the city. Despite the size, the content of the museum is very useful and attracting to tourists. As for U2 fans, you sure will love it inside this museum.

 4. Drink Around at Guinness Storehouse

Ireland including Dublin has always been famous for its beer. Near the area, there is a famous store named Guinness Storehouse. Here, people can drink tons of cup and still have fun. However, this place is not only for drinking but also for learning about beer. Some people say that they have some of the best beer in Ireland.

 5. Dinner at Temple Bar

After a tiring day, enjoy dinner at Temple Bar. Overall the design of the bar isn’t special and different. However, this is one of the highest concentrations in Dublin. Therefore, enjoy something to eat and a whiskey in the bar before you end the day. One of the attractions of this café is the Dublin atmosphere that isn’t available in other places.

After doing the activity in one day, it is sure that you will not be asking what to do in Dublin next. It is sure that you will want to come back for a longer and detail trip. The atmosphere in Dublin is just different from other places. Therefore, Dublin has become a favorite destination for tourists to have fun.

Simple Ways on How to Pet Cat and Dog at the Same Time

Cats and dogs are known as two different pets with different personalities. When cats and dogs met, usually they do not get along with each other. Sometimes dogs chase cats, sometimes cats dislike dogs and keep on distance or hide. Fortunately, it is still possible to put them together. It depends on knowing the right way on how to pet cat and dog at the same time. 

Having cats and dogs at the same time could be possible even though they are known as two enemies. Before having a cat and dog at the same time, there are things that people need to know. Humans should have known how to handle and maintain both cats and dogs. Know when cat and dog behave uncomfortably. Know when they feel happy and angry. These basic things would help. To add some info, here are some simple ways how to pet cat and dog at the same time :

1.Meet them as Puppies and Kittens

Try to meet them once they are still young. It is recommended to start petting a cat and dog together since they are puppies and kittens. This is because they would still have less fighting moments, especially with each other. Like puppies and kittens, they are easier to adapt around.

 2. Large place

A large space to place the first meeting of cats and dogs. However, do not directly put cats and dogs nearly. The main on how to pet cat and dog at the same time is not bringing them together in a hurry. Let them be in the same room for several days. It would make them bond. Cats could start feeling the dog’s atmosphere and otherwise

3. Introducing with others each stuff

Letting them being in one same space, introduce them with each other stuff. Try to bring some of the cat’s stuff to the dog. In this phase, they would start to sniff the smell from their opposite. It would also let them get used to those different smells. 

4. Switch Places

Sniffing each other’s items, try on changing their places. For example, if the north room was placed by the cat, now place the dog there. Remember, it takes time on how to pet cat and dog at the same time. With this method, cat and dog could each sniff at each other without meeting yet. The smell scent is an important thing to introduce these two pet

 5. Time at a time 

This is when a cat actually meets a dog for the first time. You should need an assist/friend to help. Because both cat and dog need to be carried on their first meet up. Help them get acquainted by touching and licking on each other. Do not let them interact too long. The first meeting should be quick but fun and playful. 

Repeat the steps slowly every moment. Do not leave them together before they are surely well socialized. It is still necessary to give them their own spaces especially when the master is not there to take an eye. Hopefully this way on how to pet cat and dog at the same time can be a success.

The Way How To Get A Free Game On Steam, You Must Able To Know

The name steam must be familiar with among gamers. Steam game is known as an expensive game. The expensiveness can make everybody broke when playing this game. This game is a fantastic game but, you need to spend a lot of money. Therefore, I think you really need to know this information about how to get a free game on steam. Did you ever hear about the free version of the game on steam? Yes, it has. Now, I will show you a lot about it. Therefore, you don’t need to pay a lot again.

1. You Should Have A Steam Account

The first way to play the free game on steam is by having a steam account. Unfortunately, when you want to make an account, you should also pay. The payment doesn’t mean that you need to pay as a new member. But, it is the payment for fulfilling the requirement in making an account. When you want to make accounts, you should have some game amounts of 100 dollars. It was not cheap. But, you still can pay less than 100 dollars by waiting for the sale price. When you got a sale, you just need to pay an amount of 250 rupiahs.

Even you pay Rp. 250, it is not expensive than the payment of each game. Therefore, it is a good idea to have an account first before playing the game of steam than playing the game of steam without an account.

2. Having Account By Sign In The Steam Gift

Except for the previous option, there are another ways about how to get a free game on steam. You can also sign in from the steamGift.com. This site is saved. You won’t be worry to sign in from this site. The sign in step is also easy to do. Click the button “sign in through steam” then complete the information and click finish. The steam will verify your data before let you sign in.

The verification includes the completeness of the requirements of the steam-gift. If you have complete requirements and all of the data are complete they will allow you to the next step. After finishing the verification, the steam-gift will allow you to connect your steam account. Thus, you will get your steam account and play the game of steam as much as you want.

3. Giveaway Alert

As same as the others giveaway, this giveaway will give you a big price that is a free game of steam. You can participate in the giveaway and try to get a free game of steam. It is not an easy job. You need to fulfill some giveaway requirements before getting the price. It also depends on your luckiness. If you be the winner of the giveaway, you will get a free game of steam as a price. Therefore, you can play the game of steam in free.

So, the previous explanation was information about how to get a free game on steam. You may choose one of them in order to get your account. If you cannot try one, then try another one until you reach your goal to have an account.

9 Best Couple Red Carpet Fashion Moments at MET Gala

This year’s MET Gala isn’t just studded with the most fashionable celebrities. Some come with a partner and show off their intimacy on the red carpet. Some of the first present to the MET Gala, some have become subscriptions at this most anticipated fashion event. Here are the best couple red carpet fashion moments.

1. JLo – ARod

The best couple red carpet fashion moments Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are certainly not absent from the MET Gala. This one pair appeared fashionable when crossing the rad carpet stairs. JLo appeared like a crystal goddess in a gown by Versace. The headpiece he was wearing gave the impression of being edgy but still fierce right?

2. Idris Elba – Sabrina Dhowre

This one couple just inaugurated a marriage in Morocco. The best couple red carpet fashion moments Idris Elba was remarried a third time, this time with former Miss America Sabrina Dhowre. This is the first appearance of both husband and wife in an official event. Sabrina appeared all in pink that night. The color she chose made her skin glowing. The dress worn by Sabrina itself is the work of Versace.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch – Sophie Hunter

Not many people know who the wife of Benedict Cumberbatch, the answer is the beautiful actress Sophie Hunter. Both of them are indeed quite private in maintaining relationships. But of course, a little intimacy on the red carpet is not a problem right?

Benedict left the Sherlock or Doctor Strange look that night. He wore a white fedora and a suit from Labassa Woolfe. While Sophie was more elegant with a Sabrina neckline cut by Roksanda.

4. Kim – Kanye

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seemed to never be amazed by the world. This is the 5th Met Gala that they attended together. But it certainly does not make them not give the best appearance.

Kim wore a latex dress inspired by rain. This dress shows off the curve of the waist, Manfred Thierry Mugler is the designer. While Kanye foolishly wears clothes that only 46 dollars, aka 650 thousand rupiahs.

5. Sophie Turner – Joe Jonas

This one couple is also newlyweds, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas doing a brief and simple wedding in Las Vegas. This one pair gave a surprise to the whole world after attending the Billboard Music Awards last week.

For the title of Met Gala Sophie and Joe compact wearing matching clothes. Sophie’s night outfit was designed by designer Louis Vuitton while Joe wore a custom H&M.

6. Miley Cyrus – Liam Hemsworth

This is also the first MET Gala for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. This one couple did not hesitate to share intimacy in public.

That night Miley wore a dress full of sparkling green from Saint Laurent. Details of this origami-like back shape make Miley’s tiny body look even cuter.

7. Priyank Chopra – Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra has never played in grooming business for MET Gala. But of course, this became a special MET Gala because she was present with her husband, Nick Jonas.

Priyanka wore a dress from Dior and jewelry from Chopard. But unfortunately, Priyanka’s courage in dressing has turned into a meme on social media.

8. Thalia – Tommy Mottola

The name Thalia became a conversation in Indonesia in the 90s. This telenovela star has now retreated from the hustle and bustle of telenovela filming. But of course, he will not miss the most important event in the fashion world.

Thalia was present with her husband, Tommy Mottola, both married since 2000. That night Thalia wore a silver gown by designer Tommy Hilfiger.

9. Kylie – Travis

Who says being a parent makes KLovers boring? The proof is that Kylie and Travis can still have fun. Oh wait, they’re billionaires.

This one pair appeared compact the second time at the MET Gala event. Kylie herself chose a purple feather accent by Donatella Versace.

Starting from extravagant clothing, eccentric accessories, it’s also to stunning portraits of celebrities on the red carpet. Therefore, it would not be complete if the best couple red carpet fashion moments closed without a kaleidoscope of the best dresses on the red carpet worn by world celebrities.

Tips for Not to Be Fooled When Recruitment Online Education Department

Tips for Not to Be Fooled When Recruitment Online Education Department

Information about the recruitment online education department sometimes becomes a wait for some certain people because of their dreams who want to enter the education department. Not only that, in addition to their dreams and ideals, many also want to enter the education department because it is a job that is directly under the auspices of the government. No wonder because that too, became some factors or reasons someone wanted to enter the education department. If you like academic issues, then you are strongly advised to go to this department of education to help with the education problems in your place to be better, of course.

Usually, the information dissemination is disseminated by the education department through print media such as newspapers or the internet. However, this information when disseminated on the internet is usually very vulnerable to fraud for prospective workers who want to enter the education department. Typically, this form of fraud involves opening a recruitment online education department at certain sites or sending an email in the form of recruitment through a random email inbox. Although facilitated in finding and registering themselves in the recruitment process on the internet, the danger of fraud that threatens is also quite large to haunt behind.

But don’t worry, as long as you are always vigilant and careful when surfing the internet in exploring all the information, such as this recruitment problem, there are some tips that you can apply when you try to find information about recruitment.

1. Know the sites you will visit. Is the site the official site of an institution that opens an online education department recruitment, or is it just a site made by ordinary people.

2. See the look of the site you are visiting. Of course, it will be a very striking difference between the appearance of artificial sites that are only as long as the official website of the institute.

3. Know the security of the sites you visit. Whether the site has been secured with site encryption security or not. To make this easier, you can simply look in the address bar, if the site already has a padlock and (https) key at the beginning of the site address. If not, then you should beware.

4. Contact the organizer. If you are still unsure about the site you are visiting, you can contact the organizer and ask if the site you are visiting is the site of them or another site.Those are some ways that you can apply so that you will not be fooled when there is an recruitment online education department. Hope it helps, and always be aware.

Things About Education Board in the USA

Things About Education Board in the USA

Some people might wonder about the education board in USA, the things that are related to its education there. Some questions might will pop up in people’s mind

1.  How is the education system in USA?

When the children are around six years old, they start the primary school for five to six years of school, once they have completed, they will continue their study to the secondary school, then after that they may go to college or university

2.  What is the role of the education board?

They have the responsibility to develop and adopt the rules and policies that will guide the superintendent and staff so they can provide the educational needs for the students, parents, and citizens of the school district

3.  Why the school board is important?

This might be one of the most common questions about education board in USA that might be asked by most people. The answer to this question is, the school boards are elected locally and they are important because they have the role to ensure that the school districts are responsive to its value, beliefs, and priority

4.  What are the duties of the school board?

They have the responsibility to employ the superintendent, developing, and adopting policies, curriculum, and the budget

5.  Do the school board get paid?

It depends on the district. Some school boards have the compensation for $30 per meeting and the meeting are not more than 52 per year

6.  Are the teachers able to be the school board?

The teachers in particular school district generally can’t be the school board but a lot of teachers do not live the district where they teach

7.  How do the school boards make the decisions?

They set the vision for the school district and the decisions that they have made at their monthly meetings make the difference for the school

8.  How many school boards are in the US?

Based on the 2002 census of the government, there are 13,506 school district governments

9.  What is the school board’s authority?

The source of the authority that influences their duties and responsibilities are promulgated by the US Department of Education and the state board of education and the legal interpretations by judges, attorneys general, and administrative agencies.

Those are some questions and answers about the education board in USA, sometimes we have to know this kind of thing to make everything sure since school board is something that is related to the education.