9 Best Couple Red Carpet Fashion Moments at MET Gala

This year’s MET Gala isn’t just studded with the most fashionable celebrities. Some come with a partner and show off their intimacy on the red carpet. Some of the first present to the MET Gala, some have become subscriptions at this most anticipated fashion event. Here are the best couple red carpet fashion moments.

1. JLo – ARod

The best couple red carpet fashion moments Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are certainly not absent from the MET Gala. This one pair appeared fashionable when crossing the rad carpet stairs. JLo appeared like a crystal goddess in a gown by Versace. The headpiece he was wearing gave the impression of being edgy but still fierce right?

2. Idris Elba – Sabrina Dhowre

This one couple just inaugurated a marriage in Morocco. The best couple red carpet fashion moments Idris Elba was remarried a third time, this time with former Miss America Sabrina Dhowre. This is the first appearance of both husband and wife in an official event. Sabrina appeared all in pink that night. The color she chose made her skin glowing. The dress worn by Sabrina itself is the work of Versace.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch – Sophie Hunter

Not many people know who the wife of Benedict Cumberbatch, the answer is the beautiful actress Sophie Hunter. Both of them are indeed quite private in maintaining relationships. But of course, a little intimacy on the red carpet is not a problem right?

Benedict left the Sherlock or Doctor Strange look that night. He wore a white fedora and a suit from Labassa Woolfe. While Sophie was more elegant with a Sabrina neckline cut by Roksanda.

4. Kim – Kanye

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seemed to never be amazed by the world. This is the 5th Met Gala that they attended together. But it certainly does not make them not give the best appearance.

Kim wore a latex dress inspired by rain. This dress shows off the curve of the waist, Manfred Thierry Mugler is the designer. While Kanye foolishly wears clothes that only 46 dollars, aka 650 thousand rupiahs.

5. Sophie Turner – Joe Jonas

This one couple is also newlyweds, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas doing a brief and simple wedding in Las Vegas. This one pair gave a surprise to the whole world after attending the Billboard Music Awards last week.

For the title of Met Gala Sophie and Joe compact wearing matching clothes. Sophie’s night outfit was designed by designer Louis Vuitton while Joe wore a custom H&M.

6. Miley Cyrus – Liam Hemsworth

This is also the first MET Gala for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. This one couple did not hesitate to share intimacy in public.

That night Miley wore a dress full of sparkling green from Saint Laurent. Details of this origami-like back shape make Miley’s tiny body look even cuter.

7. Priyank Chopra – Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra has never played in grooming business for MET Gala. But of course, this became a special MET Gala because she was present with her husband, Nick Jonas.

Priyanka wore a dress from Dior and jewelry from Chopard. But unfortunately, Priyanka’s courage in dressing has turned into a meme on social media.

8. Thalia – Tommy Mottola

The name Thalia became a conversation in Indonesia in the 90s. This telenovela star has now retreated from the hustle and bustle of telenovela filming. But of course, he will not miss the most important event in the fashion world.

Thalia was present with her husband, Tommy Mottola, both married since 2000. That night Thalia wore a silver gown by designer Tommy Hilfiger.

9. Kylie – Travis

Who says being a parent makes KLovers boring? The proof is that Kylie and Travis can still have fun. Oh wait, they’re billionaires.

This one pair appeared compact the second time at the MET Gala event. Kylie herself chose a purple feather accent by Donatella Versace.

Starting from extravagant clothing, eccentric accessories, it’s also to stunning portraits of celebrities on the red carpet. Therefore, it would not be complete if the best couple red carpet fashion moments closed without a kaleidoscope of the best dresses on the red carpet worn by world celebrities.